Code of Practice ARYM


About ARYM

The Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ARYM

Established in 1996, ARYM is one of the oldest institution of training in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM).

Established in 2015, the International School of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ARYM, namely Ecole internationale d’Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ARYMis a French non-profit organisation (by law of 1901). The school represents and supports its graduates and certified practitioners and aims to promote the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage method worldwide.


Our mission is to:

  • Establish the AYM therapy as an allied health profession worldwide.
  • Educate and expand awareness of the AYM modality to other health professionals and the public through wellbeing events and social media.
  • Provide continued support to our AYM therapist members globally.

ARYM Values

  • Best practice: We require our practitioners to deliver skilled, ethical and professional treatments.
  • Client focus: We place quality and safety at the centre of all we do.
  • Participation: We encourage our practitioners to connect with and contribute to their professional community.
  • Innovation: We advocate adapting our training programs and delivery mode to the requirements of the evolving modern world..


Code of Conduct

As a member of the AYM Therapists community, I commit myself to the highest standards of practice. I will:

  • Always act in the best interest of my clients, by supporting their health, safety, wellbeing and comfort.
    respect the beliefs, rights and values of my clients.
  • Adhere to standard precautions of hygiene and infection control.
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of my clients and maintain professional boundaries.
  • Protect the personal data and confidentiality of my clients in accordance with international standards.
  • Keep accurate, readable, concurrent clinical records pertaining to each client massage treatment.
  • If not yet done*, Obtain and maintain a Public Liability, Indemnity Insurance provided by an approved broker specialised in the profession of massage therapy. For special discounted premiums and extended coverage join IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). You will need first to get your IICT Membership and then you can obtain your insurance.
    ** If you have already subscribed to an insurance specialised in the profession of masseur, that protect you in this activity, you do not need to apply one more insurance.
  • Refer my clients to an appropriate therapist/healthcare professional if their needs are outside of my field of experience and/or qualifications.
  • Comply with the legislation of health and privacy laws applicable in the country in which I practice;
  • Respect the standing and reputation of the AYM profession.
  • Pursue ongoing professional development in order to maintain high quality standards in AYM

As a member of the ARYM Online Find Therapists (in addition to adhering to the above Code of Practice) I will:

  • Accept responsibility creating, updating and restricting any personal information I provide in my own profile (e.g. address, phone etc.). I note that an integrated and secure messaging system is available to connect the client and the practitioner.
  • Accept responsibility for my participation in using the features of the “Find a practitioner” list. This refers to my behavior with customers or the behavior of potential customers that I will encounter using this online service.
  • Conduct myself with honesty and integrity, and not misrepresent my abilities or training.
  • Ensure safety and apply security precautions when updating data.
  • Use the feature Find Therapist to promote my individual sessions only. This features is not designed to my promote training courses or classes. ARYM can moderate and restrict any information found inappropriate. However, I can mention the menu of various treatments that I propose to public, as well as my curriculum. I note that this feature is not designed to promote classes or training courses. ARYM may moderate and restrict, without notice, information deemed inappropriate.
  • Agree that the “Find a Therapist” feature is not designed to promote classes, courses and training, product sales, or anything other than my individual AYM sessions. Therefore, ARYM may moderate and restrict any information deemed inappropriate, or even completely erase my listing, without any warning or refund.

As a member of the ARYM Find Therapists I understand and accept that:

  • Not adhering to the Codes of Practice may lead to the immediate cancellation of my personal listing, without any refund of the paid subscription fee.
  • The non-payment of the subscription fee renewal* automatically entails the exclusion of the listing on the ARYM website.
    *if no response within one month of the final reminder.
  • any false information provided by me may lead to my profile being removed from the Find Therapist listing.
  • If my page location (country) does not corresponded to the region coupon code requested, my page won’t be published until the related membership fee been paid.
  • If my page has been published with a wrong coupon code that I requested, the full membership fee will invoiced to me.


Offering and acceptance of a massage treatment:
Once accepted, it is the duty of the AYM therapist to honour the appointment.
In the case of extenuating circumstances resulting in the delay or cancellation of the appointment, the therapist will inform the client as soon as possible.


ARYM Institute, Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ARYM, École Internationale d’Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ARYM or any of the authors, contributors, administrators, or anyone else connected with the Find Therapist feature, in any way whatsoever, is responsible for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages.

Therapist Cancellation Policy

AYM therapists can add their own cancellation and refund conditions to their profile.
AYM accepts the following conditions and use them as default:
Cancellations made within 48-24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged at a rate of 50%.
Cancellations made within 24 hours before the appointment will be fully charged.