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cat-icon Via Santa Lucia, 143, Naples, Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatments at Move Me Yoga - Sydney and Wollongong

cat-icon Wollongong NSW, Australia
cat-icon Oude Dorpsweg 1018490 Varsenare Belgium

Olga Kopachenko

Аюрведический йога массаж во Владимире, Россия (Vladimir, Russia)

cat-icon Kraynova 4 str., Vladimir, Russia


Massage ayurvédique yoga à Bruxelles avec Louise

cat-icon Brussels, Belgium



Wonderful experience! Ellie spends alot of time understanding your body and personal needs to b...

cat-icon Corfu, Kerkyra, Greece


Massage Ayurvédique Yoga à Terre d'illich Mériadec

cat-icon Terre d’Illich, Luzerne, 56400 Meriadec

Jade Lau

Clinical Therapeutic Massage in Central, Hong Kong

cat-icon Central, Hong Kong
cat-icon Rue de la Concorde 31, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

Jesse Devlin


I've now had two yoga massages from Jesse, and I'd never had this type of massage before. It wa...

cat-icon Brighton and Hove, UK

Cyril Lagel

Massage ayurvédique yoga à Paris avec Cyril

cat-icon 101 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris, France


massage ayurvédique yoga à l'Île de Ré

cat-icon Île de Ré, France
cat-icon 10 Boulevard Docteur François Fénelon, Toulon, France
cat-icon 1227, Rd Number 62, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033, India

Java Aoki

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage dans le canton du Valais

cat-icon Grimisuat, Valais, Switzerland


Massage ayurvédique yoga à Orange

cat-icon 234 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 84100 Orange, France
cat-icon Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea



I had my first ever full body Ayurvedic massage from the lovely Ida. The session lasted 60mins ...

cat-icon Grenoble, France


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapy in Ibiza

cat-icon Sant Vicent de Sa Cala, Spain
cat-icon Funes, Santa Fe Province, Argentina

Nelya Romanova

Аюрведический йога-массаж в Санкт-Петербурге

cat-icon Saint Petersburg, Russia

AYM treatments in Tokyo

An amazing and unique deep tissue massage with assisted yoga-based stretches

cat-icon Tokyo, Japan


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage dans le canton de Vaud

cat-icon Rue des Ormonts 6, 1865 Les Diablerets, Switzerland


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Montréal

cat-icon Montreal, QC H1W 3R9, Canada

Valeria Serafim

Yoga Massagen Ayurvédica em São Paulo

cat-icon São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in London and Brighton

cat-icon 32 Ewhurst Road, Brighton, BN2 4AJ


Massage ayurvédique yoga à Lyon et sa grande région

cat-icon Saint-Priest, France

Faye Blake

An unique healing deep tissue massage with assisted yoga-based stretches, across London and Bristol


Yoga Massagem Ayurvedica na Vila Mariana

cat-icon Vila Mariana, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Ericeira with Judith

cat-icon Ericeira, Portugal

Amr Algamal

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Cairo with an AYM Certified Therapist

cat-icon Cairo, Egypt

Ayurvedische Yoga-Massage-Therapie in München mit Flo


Flo has a really nice touch and a feeling to hit my hidden pain-trigger points. After the massa...

cat-icon Munich, Germany