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I am an Ayurvedic-yoga massage therapist as well as yoga teacher with my background in both classical hatha and ashtanga yoga. I intuitively identify my client’s needs to create a bespoke treatment, tailoring each session to their individual needs and desires. My purpose is to cultivate a caring and compassionate environment where people can instantly feel at ease and let go. Alongside my therapeutic practice I am blessed to have the chance to pursue various artistic projects, and can also be found tending to the needs of my many plants and love to connect with people through making and sharing food.


“Yustyna has been absolutely brilliant at helping me release stiffness in my body and also showing me what massage is really all about. Being a keen sports and weight training enthusiast, I sometimes suffer from aches and pains from training and due to passed injuries I have often neglected my lack of flexibility. Yustyna has really opened my eyes and how important and beneficial it as she has also made me realise I do not need to just put up with stiffness and pain but can have some control over it. She was very tuned into my emotional state knowing what I would benefit from the most. The massage was deeply relaxing and I could feel the effects of Yustyna’s work for many days after. The stiffness and tension evaporated and she even managed to work a miracle on my extremely sore shoulder muscles that have been causing me discomfort for months I would highly recommend booking a massage with Yustyna to anyone but especially those who do a lot of sports and need some extra help with muscle soreness. I will certainly be going back to Yustyna and would encourage anyone who is in need of a massage to try her out”

— Eva, AGM Dishoom

“I have been suffering from backaches and upper shoulders pain due to the sedentary nature of my work. Yustyna has an excellent knowledge of the body and used appropriate stretches to relieve my achy muscles and bring back more mobility in my upper back and shoulder. She has created a very relaxing and calm atmosphere where I could let go. The powder and oil left my skin feeling soft and pleasantly fragranced. Highly recommended!”

— Charlotte, motion designer

Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist in London

Specialist of the method Kusum Modak of AYM in UK

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