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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Auckland

Kia ora! 😀 My name is Josie and I’m a solo traveler with Afro-Brazilian and indigenous roots. I’m a citizen of the world and free from attachments. I´m a very dedicated worker who loves to help people.

I’ve been giving and receiving massage since I was a little kid. My mom was a great massage therapist and my inspiration. It has directly influenced my new found passion in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and the regular practice of yoga. It has provided me with much-needed balance and relaxation which I was struggling to find and I would like to share this newfound joy with others.

I´ve been studying Ayurveda in Brazil and India since 2016. In India, I received my diploma under the direct tutelage of an expert in the field, Ananta Sylvain Girard, founder and main instructor at the ARYM – the Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and personal assistant of Kusum Modak – the developer of the original method AYM – Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Specialist in Auckland

Specialist of the Kusum Modak AYM Method in New Zealand

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