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Faye Blake

An unique healing deep tissue massage with assisted yoga-based stretches, across London and Bristol



Savitri she is an amazing person, full of kindness, love, empathy. Also, she have incredible ni...

cat-icon West Norwood, London, UK


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in London and Brighton

cat-icon 32 Ewhurst Road, Brighton, BN2 4AJ
cat-icon Boundless Massage & Bodywork, Spring Bridge Mews, London, UK

Michelle Cade

London Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Michelle

cat-icon London, UK

Vivi Kallona


I have truly enjoyed having a massage from Vivi recently. I got a massage treatment from her as...

cat-icon London WC1X, UK

AYM treatments in London

An amazing and unique deep tissue massage with assisted yoga-based stretches

cat-icon London, UK

Jesse Devlin


I've now had two yoga massages from Jesse, and I'd never had this type of massage before. It wa...

cat-icon Brighton and Hove, UK