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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage MasterClasses

Understand to optimise your practice

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage MasterClass programme is designed to help you enhance your practice through two series of short courses that can be taken individually or in any sequence.
1. Practitioner’s personal care and extra care: This series consists of 11 masterclasses, each ranging from 7 to 21 hours, covering a diverse range of topics aimed at optimising your training and ensuring safety.

2. Essential Anatomy: This series includes 2 MasterClasses, each spanning 21 hours, providing a good foundation in anatomy knowledge.

*All MasterClasses are available on-demand and require preregistration. To participate, simply click on “NEXT” and complete the form, selecting one or more MasterClasses of your choice. Also, indicate your preferred location from the venue selection.
** During pre-registration, no payment is necessary.

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Jan 01, 1996 - Jan 01, 2029


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