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Why AYM Training Courses?

At ARYM we are passionate about teaching Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to the highest standard. Our hands-on training courses are accessible to everyone, regardless of one’s prior training or experience. We offer you a core curriculum, that you can repeat gradually to progress into the practice or the teaching of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. By the end of the first course, you will be able to begin offering Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatments with confidence.


Our courses are highly recommended for anyone interested in massage therapy. The training can also serve as a useful approach for existing professionals such as yoga/Pilates instructors, bodyworkers, physiologists and more.


No previous massage or yoga experience/training required. In all courses, students learn a set sequence of massage strokes and stretches, along with their indications and contraindications, in order to safely practice the techniques. You will gain the self-confidence that empowers you to establish a strong practice whilst working with the AYM-ARYM method.

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How our Training Courses work.


Comprises 6 levels, plus a series of  Masterclass

The CORE CURRICULUM called the ARYM THERAPIST TRAINING includes the following levels:

  • Level 1 Introductory
  • Level 1-4 Practitioner
  • Level 5 Diploma Practitioner
  • Level 6 Internship (Assistant Instructor)

The Masterclass series (12 thematic modules) and the Level 6 Diploma Instructor Program are taught separately from the core curriculum course.


1 – Using correct position to perform precise and safe manipulations.
2 – Learning how to give an effective session using deep tissue massage techniques with hands, feet and other body parts, and performing assisted yoga stretches.
3 – Understanding maneuvers and theirs contraindications to avoid injury.

  • The Therapist Training is 90% practical, centered on demonstration by instructor, student practice, and feedback. This highly interactive learning allows students to experience the benefits of the treatment firsthand and quickly correct mistakes to learn each technique properly.
  • Learn Deep Tissue Massage techniques using the hands and feet.
  • Learn to perform various series of Assisted Yoga Stretches.
  • Understand Indications/contraindications for safely practicing each technique.*
  • We teach an integrated approach to anatomy based on the method Anatomy for Movement*
  • We also cover the basics of building a clientele along with professionalism and best practices for therapists.
  • * These points are particularly detailed during the Masterclass series
  • Introduction of new massage techniques and/or stretches, with ample time for students to practice both giving and receiving each technique.
  • Brief meditation for centering and focusing at the start of each class.
  • Q&A with the instructor.

Session tests are given at the end of each of the following courses: L.4, L.5 and L.6. Also, upon completing each of these courses, the student will receive a certificate (L.4) or diploma (L.5/L.6 and beyond).


Participate in our online Reflective Practice during and after a course: log your sessions, track your progress and development, and receive ongoing feedback from the instructor as you practice giving massages on your own. (Logged sessions count towards additional hours on your course certificate/diploma).


The Core Curriculum comprised of the Level 1-4, L.5 and L.6 Internship


The foundation of ARYM Training


Total Contact Hours: approx. 56 hours (Each level consists of 14 hours)
Part of the core curriculum, it is highly advised to join these 4 levels together.

Each level is composed of demonstrations, practices of the sequences of massage strokes and stretches, followed by feedback.

Theory points are frequently introduced during class where necessary, to ensure that the student can provide a safe as well as effective session.

The 56 contact hours are covered in either on 8 to 12 days intensive training course(depending full or half days) or rarely on 4 weekends.


(14 hours)

No pre-requisite: accessible to anyone regardless of past level training or experience.

L.1 is the essential foundation course. The course introduces the AYM-ARYM and covers main massage strokes and stretches for the back of the body. This includes stimulation using the feet, for the back as well as back of the legs.


(14 hours)

Pre-requisite: L.1
L.2 covers massages and strokes for the frontside of the body. This includes frontside of the legs, and the basic strokes for abdomen, chest, neck and face. By taking Levels 1 and 2, a student will gain an introduction to a basic full body treatment using the ARYM method.


(14 hours)

Pre-requisite: L.2
L.3 introduces the advanced stretches and techniques unique to Ayurvedic Yoga Massage that help you deal with a wider range of client needs. This includes Assisted Yoga Stretches for the back, legs, as well as seated stretches for the arms, back, chest, neck and more.

Certification: L.1 – L.3 Certificate of Participation


(14 hours)

Pre-requisite: L.3
In L.4 the student learns to give a complete Ayurvedic Yoga Massage session, integrating all of the material learned in Level 1-3. The complete AYM stretching series are demonstrated, and the student learns how to choose the most beneficial sequences for each client. The student completes L.4 with an individual session test preforming a full massage. On completion of L.4 you will be able to take part in the Reflective Practice programme: Log your sessions online, track your progress and development, and receive ongoing feedback from the instructor as you practice giving massages on your own. (Logged sessions count towards additional hours on your course certificate/diploma).

Certification: ARYM Therapist Certificate.


Deeper study


56 hours

Pre-requisite: L.1-4 Therapist Certificate Training Course
Part of the core curriculum, Level 5 offers 56 hours to give a complete review of the entire AYM bodywork, reinforcing all the material learned in level 1-4 to attest the Diploma. Level 5 is completed with an individual session test.
Altogether from Level 1 to Level 5, students complete a total of 112 hours of comprehensive study on Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

Certification: ARYM Therapist Diploma.


Assistant Instructor


Completion Level 6 ARYM Instructor Diploma required assisting Ananta directly during at least three* L.1-4 training courses (3 x 60h + extra hours  = 180 / up to 240 hours).
These 3 Internship can be taken before, during or after joining the 108h of the 3 modules Level 6 ARYM Instructor Diploma.
*After completion the Institute decides on the attribution of the diploma.


Teacher Training



108 hours + a minimum of 168 hours of internship*

Pre-requisite: L.5 Therapist Diploma Course, an substantial experience as an ARYM Therapist and application to the L.6 Internship.

L.6 Instructor Diploma course is open to therapists with a desire to teach the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage method. The Diploma consists of 3 parts of 36 hours each (3 x 5 days).
*It also requires an internship (Level 6 Internship), which includes assisting Ananta directly during at least 3 training of the core curriculum Therapist Training (3 x 56 hours = 168 internship hours).
Level 6 Instructor unable the student to facilitate progressively the ARYM program. Teacher training course includes instruction with effective pedagogical practices, pedagogy skills, massage and stretching techniques reviews, anatomy, physiology, philosophy and more.

Certification: ARYM Diploma Instructor


Understand, Integrate and Excel


Pre-requisite: Workshops open to students who have taken or are taking any Level 1-4 or higher.
These focused learning modules can be taken individually or in any order that suits your need.

These single day workshops provide additional knowledge of clinical anatomy and physiology relevant to the training and practice of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. On the related Masterclass subject, the course aims to provide a overview of the pathologies frequently encountered in Massage Practice.

Each Module offers both theory and practice concentrated on a focused subject (see below). The anatomy, physiology, and pathologies related to the subject are explored using a variety of approaches: Multi-sensory exercises, palpation, coloring, molding, reviewing and analyzing relevant massage and stretching techniques. Additional topics related to therapists’ professional development are also covered.
Subjects include: Spine, Pelvic Girdle, Shoulders, Knees, Upper Limbs, Lower Limbs, Facial Massage and Cranium, Visceral and more coming.
These are guided learning hours which will count towards the future accreditation of the ARYM Therapist Diploma.
Modules of the Masterclasses may be taken separately and in any order.

Masterclass Module 1

The Pelvic Girdle

Masterclass Module 2

The Scapulae Belt

Masterclass Module 3

The Thoracic Spine

Masterclass Module 4

The Lumbar Spine

Masterclass Module 5

The Cervical Spine

Masterclass Module 6

The Superior Limbs

Masterclass Module 7

The Inferior Limbs

Masterclass Module 8

The Superior Limbs

Masterclass Module 9


Masterclass Module 10

Facial Massage and Cranium

Masterclass Module 11


Self-Positioning during supports, lifts, tractions using leverages and leaning, and many other techniques, makes a huge difference practicing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage or any other techniques/practices done on the floor.
This module teaches you how to avoid the most common injuries, like severe musculoskeletal strains sustained by AYM practitioners, masseurs, Yoga and Pilates teachers, and others practitioners. It also teaches you how to save a great deal of energy and even how to rebuild reserves working with AYM.



Professional Development Days consists of a ‘Clinic’ open to the public


The last day or the last two days* of Level 1-4 and Level 5 are Professional Development Days. They consist of a ‘Clinic’ open to the public. These Clinic days are included in the price of L.1-4, L.5 and the internship training courses.

A Professional Development day consists of two treatment slots open to the general public (e.g. from 11-1pm & 3-5pm), depending on the venue.
Included in Level 1-4 and Level 5, former students can also enroll on these days.

*Professional Development Days are on the last day of the 7, 8 or 10-day training course and the last 2 days of the 12/14-day training course.

*  The exact format & length of each course can vary slightly depending on location.
If you have any further questions about our training courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us!