Continued Professional Development

Professionalization Days put into practice and integrate the material covered in the Therapist Training.
This is also an opportunity as a refresher course for Certified/Diploma therapists for any need of refinement of techniques.
This is a requirement for recertification* (Revalidation of Certificate of Competency). In order to maintain AYM certification, AYM practitioners/therapsits must participate in minimum of 21 hours refresher course* every two years (necessary to be listed on the Find Therapist).
This refresher is ideally done by 3 days of professionalization, otherwise by any other course provided by the ARYM Institute.
 1 to 3 days (7 hours per day)
Pre-requisite: The workshop is open to AYM Certified/Diploma therapists for Recertification or any need of refinement of techniques.
Program: Participants provide and receive the complete massage treatment under Ananta’s supervision and get individual feedback. Some key items focused on, include: flow of massage, time keeping; choice and sequence of stretches to meet client needs; review, refinement and learning new techniques and Q&A. These practitioner meetings also help to create a stronger community of AYM therapists.

August 2021
October 2021
January 2022
February 2022
May 2022
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There is no professionalisation days planned in your area?

If your residence is located outside of the training geographical venues we could also organize a Recertification workshop in your area.
Please contact us to discuss options about your recertification.