Professional Development Days consists of a ‘Clinic’ open to the public

The last day of the therapist training consist of a ‘Clinic’ open to the public.
During this clinic day, new certified therapists are giving a complete treatment to clients. Former ARYM therapists can also join this day as a continued professional development day.
Depending on the venue, this treatment slot can be scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or both slots.


Massage will take about 90 min. There will be 15 minutes preparation and another 15 minutes for feedback  following the massage. So plan 2 hours in total.

There will be tea and coffee waiting for you on arrival, as well as some food/snacks after the treatment 🙂
Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your treatment time to secure your place. We will accept people on the waiting list if you are not on time.

Remember please avoid a heavy lunch before the massage. It is advisable 2 or 3 hours before.
If not already done, at arrival please pay the INR1,000 minimum for donation to your therapist.
All donations are distributed to Odanadi India, Operation Shanti, People for Animals and other charitable companions in Mysore.

Please let us know on arrival, if you have any medical conditions, chronic problems or aches and pains.
Please wear underwear during the treatment. If needed, you will also be covered with bedsheets at your convenience.

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#1190 (2nd floor), 10th A Main Road, near Doctors Corner
3rd Stage, Gokulam,
570002, Mysore.
We are facing Muda Park.
Find us on Google Map
Note that you can also reach the center from #1190, 10th Main Road, the 10 Main road (the parallel road). It is advisable to take a rickshaw if you are not familiar with Gokulam area. Otherwise, it may be a little difficult to find us

Please call us on +91-750.701.8875 (WhatsApp), if you need any help, or of any sudden change/delay.

Looking forward to meet and taking care of you.


The donations collected during the clinic days will benefit various local charitable organizations known for their valuable work and self-management.
Current donations given in Mysore are:
1) Operation Shanti
2) Odanadi Seva Trust
3) People for Animals (PFA)



Their Mission: Every day we provide essential human services–food, shelter, educational and medical assistance–because only after their basic needs are met can the destitute begin to help themselves.

Operation Shanti is an independent institutions in Mysore. Operation Shanti has the children’s home as it’s main project with 48 kids under our care. We provide education, health care and fulfill basic needs of the kids. We have kids from age 6 to 18.
Our other main project is Operation Food Project. This is for kids with HIV who may be orphaned as their parents have died due to HIV/AIDS. A food package is given to the care giver, usually a grandmother or aunt, on a monthly basis, plus a small amount of money as incentive to the adult to make sure the kid is brought to the HIV clinic here in Mysore for refill of free meds each month. I am not sure of the number of such kids we support but I know it is pretty substantial.

At Operation Shanti, all donated money is used for our programs for the kids and street women. The Board and Management do not take any remuneration at all. Please see our financials on the website for all the years that we have been in operation.
See more about Operation Shanti


Their Mission: Odanadi believes no human is for sale.

Odanadi means a soulmate, someone who walks with you, hand in hand, through life. We are an NGO based in Mysore, the cultural capital of Karnataka, South India.
Odanadi is an organisation that primarily gives care to rescued trafficked women and girls. I did work with them several years ago in a limited way. I will send to you a link to their website.
See more about Odanadi


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