Planning your stay in Barcelona

Travel tips

You are planning to come and practice with the ARYM Institute in Barcelona

Join the WhatsApp Group of your course

Ease the communication and sharing of info on WhatsApp with other participants before, during and after the course.
If you don’t use WhatsApp, please consider installing the App on your mobile phone.
Note that we fully respect your choice if you refuse to use WhatsApp.

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See the images of your group posted on Social Media and be informed on upcoming events.

Accommodation in Barcelona

Please also join the Barcelona WhatsApp group to share information about accommodation with other participants.

Not yet listed

Not yet listed/ Good for a double room shared

Please check AirbnbTrip Advisor, Booking.comCouchsurfing.

Meals and tea breaks

We usually take a lunch break from 2pm-3:15 pm.
There are many affordable restaurants and supermarkets to buy your meals around the centre. You can also bring your snack/picnic.

Schengen visa

Please apply for Tourist Visa only**.
To get the Schengen visa, please visit or contact your travel agent.
** Note that we are not giving an invitation letter.

Practical information about ARYM training courses in Barcelona

Venue address:
El.Up Studio : Calle Trafalgar 48, 08010 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
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Classes timing 

We start on Monday at 10:15 and finish in the evenings at 17:15, except for the last tursday at 16:00. Sat and Sun are resting day. Visit the Barcelona event page to see what your schedule is.


During the training in Barcelona, ARYM provides you mostly with everything you need: mattresses, bedsheets, lungis (Indian cotton sarongs), towels, blankets, booklet, oil, essential oils, face cream and calamus powder.
Bring your own materials (oils, cream, towels, etc) if you have specific preferences or possible allergies.

Please bring with you 

  • Comfortable clothes (not too tight) for giving and receiving an oil massage. For example, cotton trousers, t-shirts, shorts, hair elastics, cap (if needed), etc.
  • To receive the treatment, you need to wear underwear, stretchable underwear for men is better.
  • 2 or 3 small hand towels (small or medium size).
  • A polar blanket or a shawl if you are feeling easily cold.
  • If you wear glasses, please bring a protective case for your glasses to avoid breakages.

Practical advice at arrival

  • Rest well after your travel. If necessary use earplugs and eye shades to adjust to the new environment.
  • Bring your pillow for better sleep.
  • Take care of your belonging especially in public areas.
  • If you would like to make any suggestion on this advice list please contact us

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are essential for massage therapists as we work closely during training. The best practice is to shower before and after the working day.
Nails should be short, with smooth edges, using a nail file. Be careful not to cut them too quickly and too close to the skin, leading to discomfort, bleeding and possibly infection.

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