Planning your stay in Mandrem Beach, Goa

Travel tips in Goa, India

You are planning to learn with the ARYM Institute in Mandrem Beach

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Accommodation at the Palmorama Centre

Double room for 2 persons starting from ₹4,000 (€50). Contact directly Palmorama directly for reservations and price confirmation.


Accommodations outside the centre
You can find budget-friendly accommodation choices (approximately ₹1,000 or roughly €12 per night) within a 5-minute walk of Palmorama. It is in the countryside and often much cheaper than staying at the centre or by the beach. As us for advice if you needed.
If you opt for a beachfront accommodation in Mandrem, keep in mind it’s a 10-minute drive from Palmorama. Options range from hotels and Airbnb to guesthouses and private rooms, catering to various budgets. Search rooms around this Mandrem Beach landmark: Dunes hotel.
We recommend staying in Mandrem, but Ashwem, Morjim, or Arambol are also viable options. Keep in mind that it’s over a 30-minute drive from Anjuna Beach.
Some students choose to find accommodations on the spot, managed directly by landlords. However, for added convenience and safety, it’s recommended to book at least a few nights in advance using platforms like Airbnb | Trip Advisor | |Goa Accommodation.

**IMPORTANT: Please be aware that January 26th is Indian Republic Day, and as a result, the long weekend from the 26th to the 28th is expected to be extremely busy. Consider arriving on the 30th as it may be a better option.


You may need to apply for an Indian Visa.
Please apply only for Tourist Visa.
Depending on your citizenship, it is easy to apply e-Visa online; visit:
Otherwise, visit: to get the information, follow the procedure, or contact your travel agent.
Note: In most cases, 5-year visas and e-Visas issued before Covid remain valid. Contact the Indian embassy.


  • By Plane

    The nearest international airports are:
    – Goa Dabolim Airport (GOI)
    – Goa Manohar International Airport (GOX).
    Some Airline companies propose direct flight/Charter to Goa. Also, Goa is reachable from most national / international airports in India. It takes a 60 to 90-minute flight to reach Goa from Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai… and a 2-hour flight from Delhi.
    Note: It’s a good idea to exchange some money at the airport money changers (but compare the rates), perhaps around 50, 100 or 200 Euros max (INR 4,500 to 18,000), to cover your taxi fare and initial expenses. You can consider exchanging the big money in Mandrem at better rates or even better on the Mapuca market.

  • Taxi from Goa’s International Airports to Mandrem Beach
  • You have the option of arriving at one of Goa’s two international airports: Manohar and Dabolim airports. Regardless of the airport you choose, after clearing customs at the airport exit, you will find various Pre-Paid Taxi services, many of which are private. Head towards the government counter, which is located towards the end, as it offers the most straightforward and cost-effective fares:
    – Taxi from Manohar International Airport (GOX) to Mandrem Beach (26 km): INR 1,500 (15 EUR)
    – Taxi from Dabolin International Airport (GOI) to Mandrem Beach (55km): INR 2,400 (25 EUR)

Practical advice

  • Rest well after your travel. If necessary use earplugs and eye shades to adjust to the new environment.
  • Bring your lovely sleeping pillow.
  • Take care of the sun arriving in Goa. The sun is quite strong and it is easy to fall asleep on the beach. As a result, should you suffer from sunburn, it would be difficult and painful to receive a massage during the training. Use good sunscreen protection.
  • Stay away from drugs (the use of cannabis and hard drugs are forbidden by law in India). Please stay out of trouble.
  • If you would like to make any suggestion on this advice list please contact us


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