Planning your stay in Mandrem-Arambol

Travel tips


Accommodation at the Himalayan Yoga Valley Center
From €21-25 for shared room (double or triple), €42 in single room.
Please contact directly Himalayan Yoga Valley to reserve room at the center. Also they will confirm you disposability and prices see the rooms details on PDF
Or click here to book at the center through Airbnd

Note: there are also lots of accommodations all around the Himalayan Yoga Valley center (2-minute walk), it is countryside and often much cheaper than at the center or on the beach side.

Accommodations outside the center
It is just wonderful to stay on the long white sand beach of Mandrem (less than 10-minute walk from the training center). There are lots of hotels, airbnb, guests houses and plenty of private rooms available and for all kind of budgets. Search rooms all around these  landmark: Dunes hotel (on the beach), or Himalayan Yoga Valley Center (countryside).
Although we advice you to stay in Mandrem nearby the center,  you can also stay further south towards Ashwem and Morjim or further north towards Arambol. In both cases you will need to drive a motorbike, take a taxi or walk a very long way through. Anjuna beach is quite far and will require over 35-minute drive.
Many students choose to arrive on the spot and just ask around for a room that are managed directly by landlords…
If it give you a nice and safe feeling to book your stay in advance, or at least a few nights at arrival in a hotel, i will suggest you to search on Airbnb | Trip Advisor | By reading reviews and checking rating, you should get a nice picture about the place you will stay.

There are also locals agents managing a pool of apartments, flats, rooms and houses on Facebook pages. It is possible to get a place to stay by posting on their Facebook pages like: Goa Accommodation. As I don’t know them personally, I will suggest you to ask for recent pictures, and all questions you may have, like, and of course, the distance to “Himalayan Yoga Valley Center” by walk and by taxi.


You may need to apply for an Indian Visa.
Please apply only for Tourist Visa.
Depending on your citizenship, it is easy to apply e-Visa online; visit:
Otherwise, visit: to get the information, follow the procedure, or contact your travel agent.
Note: In most cases, 5-year visas and e-Visas issued before Covid remain valid. Contact the Indian embassy.


  • By Plane

    The nearest international airport is Goa Dabolim Airport (GOI).  Some Airline companies propose direct flight/Charter to Goa. Also, Goa is reachable from most national / international airports in India. It takes a 60 to 90-minute flight to reach Goa from Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai… and a 2-hour flight from Delhi.

  • Taxi from Goa Airport to Mandrem

    At Goa airport exit, just after the last customs control, you will find the Pre-Paid Taxi service. You will be able to book your taxi to Mandrem for around INR1700. That is the easiest way.

COVID-19 Update

Since Nov 23, 2022, no vaccination, PCR test or quarantine are no longer required to enter India. Everything resumes as before Covid.

Practical advice

  • Rest well after your travel. If necessary use earplugs and eye shades to adjust to the new environment.
  • Bring your lovely sleeping pillow.
  • Take care of the sun arriving in Goa. The sun is quite strong and it is easy to fall asleep on the beach. As a result, should you suffer from sunburn, it would be difficult and painful to receive a massage during the training. Use good sunscreen protection.
  • Stay away from drugs (the use of cannabis and hard drugs are forbidden by law in India). Please stay out of trouble.
  • If you would like to make any suggestion on this advice list please contact us


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