Planning your stay in Pune

Travel tips

You are planning to come and practice with the ARYM Institute in Khalad, Pune. We have created this page to help you, especially of it is your first visit. See among the various topics below:

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Please join the WhatsApp group to ease the communication and sharing of info with other participants before, during and after the course.
If you don’t use WhatsApp, please consider installing the App on your mobile phone.
We fully respect your choice if you refuse to use WhatsApp.

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Accommodation in GGP, Khalad

The package 3.100 INR (around 35€) per day offers everything (except special drinks): Accommodation in dormitory (3 to 5 people maximum per room), breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 tea breaks.
Rooms on the campus are simple and clean. Private accommodation can be arrange for couples.
We advice you to arrive the day before the starting date and to departure the morning after the ending day of your training.

Shared Bedroom in the accommodation in Gram Gaurav Pratishthan Ayurveda massage training course Ayurvedic massage training courses in Pune

Shared-Bedroom in Gram Gaurav Pratishthan Khalad Pune

Shared Bathroom in the accommodation in Gram Gaurav Pratishthan Ayurveda massage training course Ayurvedic massage training courses in Pune

Shared-Bathroom in accommodation in Gram Gaurav Pratishthan Khalad Pune

Common areas in the accommodation in Gram Gaurav Pratishthan Ayurveda massage training course

Common areas in the accommodation in Gram Gaurav Pratishthan Khalad Pune


You may need to apply for an Indian Visa.
Please apply only for Tourist Visa.
Depending on your citizenship, it is easy to apply e-Visa online; visit:
Otherwise, visit: to get the information, follow the procedure, or contact your travel agent.

Arriving in Mumbai / Going to Khalad

International Airport

Pune got an international Airport (PNQ), but often it is cheaper to arrive in Mumbai International airport and catch a taxi to the center. You can also arrive in India from any major cities, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. and catch a connecting flight to Pune, then a taxi to the center.
See below

  • Reach Khalad by taxi

    Taxi takes 90-min drive to reach Khalad from Pune airport (50 km) and 4 hours from Mumbai airport (200 km). See below. Both are a good options, depending where your international flight landed.

    – If your international flight arrives directly in Pune, then a taxi to Khalad is the best option (only 90-minutes).
       – If your flight lands in Mumbai, then a taxi from Mumbai to Khalad is the best option (3 to 4 hours). It will be faster and cheaper than taking another connecting flight to Pune and then a taxi to Khalad.
    – If your international flight arrives in Delhi or Chenai, Bangalore,  or any other Indian city (except Mumbai), then get a flight to Pune and a taxi to Khalad.

    You can either book  a pre-paid taxi* when you arrive at Mumbai Airport (200 km) or Pune Airport (50km), or pre-book a taxi that will be waiting for you at the airport with your name on a board. Please contact Prashant (The center manager) to book a taxi that will bring you directly to the center: +91 89759 08843  / [email protected]
    *Book from Pre-Paid counter and ask for a standard taxi, no need for an expensive Limousine service

  • By bus

    There is a direct confortable bus from Mumbai airport to Pune center (Swar Gate). Check bus with Red Bus Check bus with MakeMyTrip
    There are also local bus reaching Saswad from Pune (Swar Gate). From Saswad you need to take an auto rickshaw to Khalad. Cheaper than taxi but not recommended (taxi is so much easier)

  • By train

    You can reach Pune by train. A train ride is can be pleasant, or not, depending the categories. Deccan Queen is the fastest train with a total journey time of 3 hrs 10 mins, otherwise it will take over 4hrs. Check train availability Then, you need to take a taxi or a bus towards Khalad.

  • By plane

    Flying Mumbai to Pune is possible. It is often longer than reaching khalad by taxi from Mumbai. There is a transfer to domestic airport and Indian airport controls take time. Also you will need to take another 90 minutes taxi to reach Khalad from Pune airport.

COVID-19 Update

As of November 23, 2022, vaccination, PCR test or quarantine are no longer required to enter India. Everything goes back to the way it was before Covid.

Practical information about at GGP/strong>

Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
GGP (Gram Gaurav Pratishthan), 4, Jejuri Pune Rd, Khalad, Maharashtra 412303, India
Google Map
Come by taxi if you are coming for the first time. It may not be that easy to find.

Timing of the therapist training classes
9:00 – 17:30

ARYM provides you with everything your need: mattresses, lungis (Indian cotton sarungs), towels, booklet, oil, essential oils, face cream and calamus powder.
Bring your own materials (oils, cream, towels, etc) if you have specific preferences.

Please bring with you:

  • Comfortable clothes (not too tight) to give and receive oil massage. For example cotton trousers, t-shirts, shorts, hair bands, etc.
  • A pair of socks
  • To receive the treatment, you need to wear underwear, stretchable underwear for men is better.
  • If you wear glasses, please bring a protective case for your glasses to avoid breakages.
  • We are walking walking bare foot inside the facility, including on the roof. You may like to bring a pair of flip-flop.

Note that you can buy everything you need in Pune and all basic things you may need in Saswad city (5km)

Water conservation

Do you know that Khalad is a dry place in the Pune aera? The all area suffers from water scarcity during hot season. Local farmers need to collect water in extra huge reservoir to be able to cultivate the land (especially the millet). Be aware.

Things to do in Khalad

Aside training hours and during the day off, students can join:

Conferences on Ayurveda
Conference on the local eco-system
Ayurvedic treatments at the Aarogyabhumi clinic
Visit the national park
Visit of the Jejuri temple
Visit of several Shivaist temples
Things to do in Saswad
Things to do in Jujuri

Practical tips at arrival

  • Rest well after your travel. If necessary use earplugs and eye shades to adjust to the new environment.
  • Bring your sleeping pillow, it is always a most !
  • Take care of the sun arriving in India. The sun is quite strong and it is easy to fall asleep on the pool size or on the roof top. As a result, should you suffer from sunburn, it would be difficult and painful to receive a massage during the training. Use good sunscreen protection.
  • Stay away from drugs. The use of cannabis and others hard drugs are prohibited in India. Please stay out of trouble.
  • If you would like to make any suggestion on this advice list please contact us

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are especially important for massage therapists since we are working in close proximity to each other. Best practices is to shower before the start of the workday and at night. Also: wash your hands and feet before and after each massage session. Nails need to be short with smooth edges (use a file), but take care not cutting them too short and close from the skin, as it may result sharp pain and bleeding. Hair- head lice infestation is possible when travelling and we recommend that you check your hair on a regular basis.

Ayurveda training courses with Dr Sonali Shinde BAMS

After attending the AYM therapist training, you can enrol in an Ayurveda course with Dr. Sonali Shinde (BAMS). Learn more

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