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You are planning to come and practice with the ARYM Institute in Mysore. We have created this page to help you, especially of it is your first visit. See among the various topics below:

Accommodation in Gokulam area, Mysore

The area of Gokulam in Mysore has hotels, airbnb, guests houses and plenty of private rooms for rent due of the presence of international students studying in many yoga Shalas. Among them the world famous KPJAYI – K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Institute. A couple of locals agents are managing a pool of apartments, flats, rooms and houses. Many private rooms are managed directly by the landlords, who rent one or several rooms, a floor or an independent apartment in their own house or on their property. Some Westerners sublet their place.
Many students choose to arrive on the spot and search for a room around the center. It is nice to book your stay in advance, or at least a few nights at arrival in a hotel… It is also possible to get a place to stay by posting on the Ashtanga Yoga Community in  Mysore  Eg.: “Searching for accommodation in Gokulam 3rd stage from 03/01/2019 to 30/01/2019”. In this case, ask for recent pictures, if shared appartment, any presence of noise, near main road, take as much info as possible, and of course the distance, by walk and by rickshaw (Indian small 3 wheels taxi), to “Gokulam Doctors corner (ARYM)”.

Maybe it is easier to contact the agents listed below to book a place.

Also search on AIRBNB |  Trip Advisor |

Also see these rooms

Last update Oct. 15

  • Shiva and Chendu (Agent): +91-9844226082
  • Less than 3-minute walk from our center
    -> Rashinkar Mansion (3-min): 1 bedroom appartements and 2-bedroom appartments. Contact Ramesh: [email protected]  +91 845135328 / +91 821 4260622
    Hotel Vedanta Wake up: 5th Main 3rd Stage Gokulam, Mysore –  [email protected] 800/900 INR per night or  16000/month
    -> Mrs Jhansi – 2-bedroom apartment, can be rent separated + 1 bedroom with private bathroom. 1 min walk, same road as ARYM courses, 1 min walk. Tel: +91-8212516933. Price: IR 16000 (for one room), 32000 INR (for whole apartment). Tel:+918050262019 email: [email protected]
    -> Raj – 1 bedroom + big living room + kitchen 18.000/month. 1186 10a main road. +917795118823
    -> Shaila – has 2-3 spare independent bedrooms in her house with private bathrooms , 2 mins walk from ARYM center Tel:+ 919886653001
    -> Mala Hiremath (owner Lakshmi): 9th Main road – 1 bedroom appartment, Indian style, with a small extra room that could be a spare bedroom. Kitchen, washing machine. 1-min walk from ARYM courses. R9,000 for one person or R16,000 for two people. +919740977123
    -> Sunita: 449 6th main Road 2 bedrooms to rent on 1st floor, 12000 each. Tel:9845261244.
    -> Dance school, #907, 7th Main Road, Gokulam 3rd stage: +91 96631 20499
  • Less than 10-minute walk from our center
    -> Hotel Urban Oasis on Contour Road,Gokulam 3rd stage.
    -> White House on Contour Road, Gokulam 3rd stage.
    -> Sharada is renting 2 rooms (10.000INR): #15 Contour road, Gokulam 3rd stage: +91 9916246463
  • Further away 10-minute drive
    -> Tulip Homestay: 922, 6th main road, 10th cross road, Vijaynagar (1850-2200INR/night)

Accommodation agents contact

We suggest you to contact either Shiva, Chendu, Ganesh, or Murti. All of them have years of experience helping thousand of students with accommodation, booking taxi, renting scooters, money exchange and many other services. We are not advising dealing with any other agents for hosting. Be careful, some people have reported various scams.

Shiva and Chendu: +91 98442-26082  |   Messenger
Ganesh Nagaraj: tel:+91 98452-79513 | ganeshmysore[email protected]  | Messenger 
Murti: a href=”tel:919880265622″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>+91 98802-65622  |   [email protected]

Indian visa

Please apply for Tourist Visa only.
E-visa is very fast to apply and get online:
Or contact your travel agent.

Arriving in Bangalore / Going to Mysore

International Airport

You can also arrive in India from any major cities, but the nearest international airport is Bangalore, then you need to take a 4-hour taxi to Mysore. There is also a daily direct flight Chennai-Mysore (flight Trujet 537), so it is great to arrive in India via Chennai.

  • By taxi

    Best option, it is the more convenient as it takes less than 4 hrs on good roads to reach Mysore from Bangalore. Taxi will take you all the way to your door. Highly advised.

    We can organize a taxi at your arrival in Bangalore Airport. Driver will wait for you at main exit with your name on a board. He will take you all the way to Gokulam right at the door of your accommodation at any time of the day or night. Send us your full details like: date and arrival time, airline company, flight number, also your phone number if you have. Price: around INR2700. You can also directly contact the agents listed bellow, or any other travel agent will be able to help you to arrange an Airport taxi to pick. It is also possible to get a prepaid a taxi when you arrive at Bangalore airport. Ask airport staffs.

    Book your taxi with our Mysore friends, it is often cheaper and much better car Book taxi with Ganesh or call +919845279513 Book taxi with Shiva (FB) or call +919844226082

  • By bus

    There is a direct confortable Volvo bus from Bangalore airport to Mysore Bus Stand every 2 hours (FlyBus), 3 to 4 hours journey for 790 Indian Rupees. Check out these links: FlyBus There are also bus reaching Mysore from all main indian cities: Check bus with Red Bus Check bus with MakeMyTrip

  • By train

    The train ride is quite pleasant – takes about 3hrs (just for the train trip) – but requires getting to the station by taxi or bus; also to get a ticket (an unpredictable waiting journey or book below), and then getting with your luggage across all of the platforms and finally on to the train… You need really to want this, otherwise just take it easy and take a cab!INDIAN RAILWAYS PASSENGER RESERVATION ENQUIRYCheck train availability

  • By plane

    Flying Bangalore to Mysore is not the best option. Rare are these who come that way. It is often longer and it is more expensive that reaching by taxi. Indian airport control are many and flight connection are few… Also you will need to take another 30 minutes taxi to reach Gokulam from Mysore airport.

Practical information about the ARYM Institute

Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
1190, 10th Main Road, near Doctors Corner, Gokulam 3rd Stage, Mysore 570002, India
Take a rickshaw or taxi if ou are coming for the first time. It may not be that easy to find.

Timing of the therapist training classes
12:30 – 16:45
12:30 is the class starting time. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to set your place and start on time. Please do not be late and if necessary, call me on +91 7507018875.
NB. Some days, we could finish a little bit later. Please let us know if you have any other commitments after 16:45.

During the training in Mysore, ARYM provides you with everything your need: Mattresses, lungis (Indian cotton sarung), towels, booklet, oil, essential oils, face cream and calamus powder.
Bring your own materials (oils, cream, towels, etc) if you have specific preferences.

Please bring with you:

  • Comfortable clothes (not too tight) to give and receive oil massage. For example cotton trousers, t-shirts, shorts, hair bands, etc.
  • A pair of socks
  • To receive the treatment, you need to wear underwear, stretchable underwear for men is better.
  • If you wear glasses, please bring a protective case for your glasses to avoid breakages.
  • We are walking walking bare foot inside the facility, including on the roof. You may like to bring a pair of flip-flop.

Water conservation

Do you know that Karnataka is the second dry place in India after Rajasthan? Mysore area suffers from water scarcity during hot season and many neighboring villages are getting abandoned, open to desertification. When at the centre we should be mindful of water usage due to water restrictions.

Practical advice at arrival

  • Rest well after your travel. If necessary use earplugs and eye shades to adjust to the new environment.
  • Bring your lovely sleeping pillow.
  • Take care of the sun arriving in Mysore. The sun is quite strong and it is easy to fall asleep on the pool size or on the roof top. As a result, should you suffer from sunburn, it would be difficult and painful to receive a massage during the training. Use good sunscreen protection.
  • Stay away from drugs (the use of cannabis and hard drugs are forbidden by law in India). Please stay out of trouble.
  • If you would like to make any suggestion on this advice list please contact us

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are especially important for massage therapists since we are working in close proximity to each other. Best practices is to shower before the start of the workday and at night. Also: wash your hands and feet before and after each massage session. Nails need to be short with smooth edges (use a file), but take care not cutting them too short and close from the skin, as it may result sharp pain and bleeding. Hair- head lice infestation is possible when travelling and we recommend that you check your hair on a regular basis.

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