Affiliate – How it works?

Join the ARYM Affiliate Programme to Get Rewards in Cash or in Free Training Hours

ARYM Affiliate Ranks

Earn 5% to 25% in cash pay-out and much more by converting it into training hours !!

Plan (Rank)
Referral Number
Percentage Cash Commission
(or) Percentage Training Credit


  1. Starter: Earn a 5% commission for your first training referral.
  2. Intermediate: Earn a 10% commission when you refer a 2nd training participant.
  3. Premium: Earn now a 15% commission when you refer a 6th training participant.
  4. Ambassador: Earn now a 20% commission when you refer a 12th training participant.
  5. Organiser: Earn now a 25% commission when you refer an 18th training participant.

Affiliate FAQ’S

  • After register, login with your Affiliate account and click on Marketing to access the Affiliate Link Generator. Type the link of our agenda page
    it will be applied to all events visited from this link, or any specific event link you want to promote.
  • Your website: Incorporate affiliate links within relevant blog posts, articles, or product reviews on your website.
  • Email marketing: Include affiliate links in newsletters, promotional emails, or follow-up emails to your subscribers.
  • Personal email: Share affiliate links with friends, family, or acquaintances who might be interested in the products or services.
  • Social media promotion: Share affiliate links on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., ensuring compliance with platform guidelines.
  • Referral links: Use affiliate links in referral programs or campaigns where you refer others to the products or services.
  • However, ensure that the placement of affiliate links complies with ethical practices and adheres to any guidelines or regulations provided by the affiliate programme or relevant authorities.
  • Login with your Affiliate account and click on Profile and select Payout Details


  • From Payment Details, select your preferred payment method and enter the require informations. 
  • Cash Pay-out: You can receive your related percentage when it reaches a minimum of EUR 150 and upon completion of the referee(s) training course(s); this is to protect us in case of participant cancellation. Training hours coupon: You can receive your related percentage in training coupons at anytime. You will receive your related % reward for both the deposit and the remaining tuition fees.
  • You will automatically reach the specified rank after referring the required number of participants.
  • Contact us and we will manually credit your commissions in a Coupon
  • Participants (buyers) that you refer will pay the total tuition fees in two steps: first, a deposit at booking, followed by the remaining tuition fees 21 days before the training starts.
  •  Our system will only display the reward for the deposit payment in your Affiliate dashboard, as the remaining balance is paid by the participant via another link. So, the payment of your reward on the remaining balance will be credited to you manually.
  • Yes, although only the deposit appears on your Rewards and Commissions initially, the commission for the remaining balance will be credited upon completion of the course.”


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