Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Massage courses

Kusum Modak method taught by Ananta since 1996

Since 1996, the ARYM institute (The Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage) has offered a comprehensive curriculum to help you grow in the practice of AYM.

Our training is suited for everyone with a genuine interest in massage, comprising both professionals of varying levels and those seeking to acquire massage techniques to benefit their loved ones.

The AYM method presents a complementary and enriching practice for health professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, etc.) and wellness specialists (masseurs, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, ayurvedic practitioners, etc.).

No prior experience with massage or yoga is necessary. The training curriculum allows to discover and quickly start learning the AYM method. At the same time, our advanced courses are the next step for those who have already laid the foundation with previous Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training.

Our professional training programme

A pioneer in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and founded by Master Kusum Modak‘s primary collaborator, Ananta Sylvain GIRARD, the ARYM Institute is committed to providing professional, practical and rigorous training.

The ARYM training aims to train:

  • AYM therapists (practitioners)
  • AYM instructors (practitioner trainers)

ARYM is an IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) Platinum Training Provider. By subscribing to IICT membership, AYM therapists can benefit from special discounted premiums and extended coverage on Public Liability and Indemnity insurance. Learn more

The 3 pillars of ARYM training

The comprehensive programme is designed with three main parts, each comprising several levels and modules, allowing you to progress from a beginner to a certified practitioner and even an instructor diploma. Explore our courses below:

Become an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Practitioner and Evolve your Skills

Our therapist training programme consists of three main courses and a refresher option:

1. AYM Certified Practitioner: This primary 56-hour therapist course** provides the essential foundation for professional practice.
2. AYM Therapist Diploma: After completing the primary course, participate in a second 56-hour therapist course to further enhance your skills.
3. AYM Advanced Courses: Take this 56-hour course at any time after the primary or secondary therapist course to learn advanced series of stretches and techniques.
4. AYM Refresher Courses: Maintain and improve your skills with an additional 21-hour course, which can be taken anytime after completing the primary or secondary therapist course.

**Upon successful completion of the primary 56-hour course and a short post-training practice, you will be capable of delivering a professional Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatment.

The AYM Therapist Training follows a progressive and intensive pedagogy, with a focus on practical learning (90% practice – 10% theory). This approach ensures rapid skill development.

Prerequisite: This training programme is well-suited for individuals of all backgrounds and experiences.

To become an AYM practitioner

Duration: 56 hours (spread over 8 to 14 days), plus 15 hours (self post-practice)
Pre-requisite: The programme is open to everyone.
Program: The hands-on classes comprise over 100 yoga-assisted stretches and teach dozens of massage techniques with hands, fists, elbows, feet and knees. All techniques are practised between participants, who take turns becoming givers and receivers, followed by feedback. Anatomy and physiology, occupational health and safety, hygiene and infection control are taught in lecture format. The AYM certified practitioner is obtained after passing a competency assessment.

  • Module I – Practical fundamentals of the AYM Method: the back of the body (back, arms, shoulder blades, shoulders, neck and back of the legs). Massage with hands and feet and a series of stretches for the back (15h).
  • Module II: the front of the body (legs, abdomen, thorax, neck and face) and series of stretches, including the legs and seated stretches (15h).
  • Module III: first advanced stretches (15h).
  • Module IV: integration of the complete massage and more series of advanced stretches. An assessment of individual skills is done on the last day (clinic day) (15h).
  • Post-Training Practice: 10 massage treatments within the month following the training (15h).

Certification: AYM Certified Practitioner I-IV

Validation of knowledge

Duration: 56 hours spread over 7 to 14 days
Pre-requisite: Primary AYM Certified Practitioner
Program: The diploma course involves reviewing, reinforcing, and validating all the material learned in the AYM Certified Practitioner training. It introduced new massage techniques and advanced series of assisted stretches. The AYM Therapist Diploma is awarded after passing a skills assessment.
Certification: AYM Therapist Diploma V

Take your skills to the next level

Duration: The programme spans 12 days, divided into three parts of four days each, totaling 72 hours of training.
Pre-requisite: Primary AYM Certified Practitioner or a higher level course.
Program: Beginning with a recap of foundational techniques to refine and correct positioning, grips, and locks, this course places a strong emphasis on advanced stretching techniques, providing an in-depth exploration of these techniques.
Certification: AYM Advanced Courses I & II, and AYM Advanced Course III.

Review and deepening

Duration: 21 hours spread over 3 to 5 days
Pre-requisite: open to AYM Certified/Diploma therapists
Program: A one-off review for certified or graduated practitioners who need to get back to their practice or want a little revision. They will usually join the last 3 days of an ongoing Certified AYM therapists course. It is an opportunity to practice improving their massage, review the techniques and learn new stretches.
Participants give and receive a full body massage under the supervision of Ananta helping to improve the massage flow, timekeeping, selecting the suitable sequences and stretches to meet client needs and gain valuable career advice.
These meetings also help to create a stronger community of AYM therapists.

Certification: Certificate of competency

Enhance Your Practice and Gain In-Depth Knowledge

Our Masterclasses programme consists of two series with several themed courses:

1. Therapist Self-Care and Additional Special Care:

The series of Masterclasses** (ranging from 7 to 21 hours each) offers a variety of topics to optimise your training. These courses teach the extra precautions needed for specific conditions (clients and therapists) and other treatments’ required adjustments, focusing on understanding how to massage safely on the floor and exploring positioning.
It includes protection of the lower back, knees, neck, perineum; use of props, facial and pregnancy massage.

2. Essential Anatomy

Two MasterClasses** (14 hours each) to provide the necessary foundation in anatomy. It included basic anatomy, spine and limbs courses and palpatory anatomy courses.

AYM MasterClasses are part of the ARYM Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Each module provides a good foundation knowledge of the related anatomy, physiology and frequently encountered pathologies. Different approaches, such as the study of anatomical sketches, video cases, colouring, modelling, multi-sensory exercises, and palpation, are always starting from and rooted in the AYM practice.

Prerequisite: Open to AYM Certified Practitioners or Diploma Therapists

January 1996
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Registration to AYM MasterClasses

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Personal safety for bodyworkers practising on the floor

Program: AYM therapists, professional bodyworkers, yoga instructors Program: Each Self-Care MasterClass contributes to acquiring the necessary theoretical basis and the hands-on knowledge needed for a protective practice on the floor (Thai massage, Shiatsu, yoga, Pilates, etc.). These aim to provide a spotlight on:

  • a specific body area
  • giving a basic knowledge in anatomy and physiology
  • offering an overview of practitioners and clients frequently encountered pathologies
  • reviewing relevant massage and stretching techniques during related practices
  • additional topics related to therapist’s professional development are also covered

List of the Self-Care MasterClasses:

  • MC1 – Protecting your lower back (7 hours)
  • MC2 – Protecting your shoulders and neck (7 hours)
  • MC3 – Protecting your thoracic spine and rib cage (7 hours)
  • MC4 – Protecting your knees and ankles (7 hours)
  • MC5 – Protecting your elbows, wrists and hands (7 hours)
  • MC6 – Protecting your perineum (7 hours)
  • MC7 – Using props during 7 hours)
  • MC8 – Facial massage (7 hours)
  • MC9 – AYM massage for pregnant women (21 hours)
  • MC10 – AYM massage on table (21 hours)
  • MC11 – AYM Four-handed massage (21 hours)

** MasterClasses can be taken individually or in any order.
More MasterClasses to come! Do not hesitate to propose new topics.

Duration: 14 to 21 hours per module
Prerequisite: Open to everyone
Program: These CPD courses offer an operational basis knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

  • Essential Anatomy 1 (14 hours)
  • Essential Anatomy 2 (14 hours)

Become a Skilled Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Instructor

Our instructor training programme consists of three sequential stages:

  1. AYM Student Instructor (I, II & III)
    To attain the AYM Student Instructor certification, aspiring instructors must undertake an apprenticeship during three primary therapist training courses, each of which lasts for a duration of 70 hours. This includes 56 hours of the AYM Therapist course and 14 hours of preparation, meetings, and reports before and after classes, resulting in a total of 210 hours of training.
  2. AYM Certified Instructor IV
    Upon achieving the AYM Student Instructor certification, candidates can proceed to the AYM Certified Instructor IV level, which involves participating as an assistant during a fourth therapist training programme that spans 100 hours. This includes 56 hours of the AYM Therapist course, 14 hours of preparation, meetings, and reports before and after classes, along with an additional 30 hours of tutorial support, where the apprentice follows the progress of a group of students in the post-training phase.
  3. AYM Diploma Instructor V
    The final stage of the training programme is AYM Diploma Instructor V, which requires participants to follow a group of students in post-training and submit a detailed report on their observations. The duration of this stage may vary depending on the progress and performance of the students. Notably, after completing the first stage (AYM Student Instructor I), newly authorised instructors are permitted to conduct a 2-day AYM course independently.

Prerequisite for AYM Instructor training: To be admitted to the program, candidates must hold an AYM Therapist Diploma, obtained after completing a minimum of 112 hours of training and have substantial practical experience.

To submit an application for an AYM instructor course, please click

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AYM instructor programme registration

February 2024
17 - 29 February
12:15 - 17:30

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Training Course in Mysore / Feb 2024 Letzte Plätze!

July 2024
10 - 18 July
10:00 - 14:00

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Training Course in Co. Kerry / Jul 2024

August 2024
18 - 27 August
14:30 - 13:30

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Retreat in Provence / Aug 2024

August 2025
16 - 25 August
14:30 - 13:30

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Retreat In Provence / Aug 2025 Ausverkauft

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The instructor trainee offers the opportunity to become Ananta’s assistant over one or several Therapist Training courses. In addition, the assistant will learn how to become a teacher by helping to facilitate the AYM training program.
Duration: 56+ hours
Pre-requisite: AYM Therapist Diploma

Certification: Certificate of participation as Instructor Trainee

Transmission of the AYM method

The Instructor Certificate, together with an assistantship period, teaches to become an instructor.
The programme gives all the necessary tools and brings confidence to facilitate the transition. This courses is taught in 3 parts. Parts 1 and 2 can be taken separately and in any order. Part 3 can only be taken after one starts teaching his own classes.

Duration: 108 hours (3 parts of 5 or 7 days each).
Pre-requisite: AYM Therapist Diploma, plus a good experience as an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage practitioner.
Program: Training includes practise and theory –

  • Learning module transitions
  • Educational framework and scenarios
  • Practice and positioning analysis
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Professional ethics
  • The practise of Yoga and active meditations
  • Planning one’s career development

Certification: AYM Certified Instructor V; after successful completion of the 3 parts

Internship – Mentoring a small group of students of the Institute

Duration: 180+ hours
Pre-requisite: AYM Certified Instructor
Program: A post-internship personal work that will –

  • Act as liaison between the group and the Institute
  • Support of a group of students from the ARYM Institute in their career as practitioners
  • Follow-up of the student reports
  • Enhance practical experience

Certification: ARYM Diploma Instructor VI

Submit for an AYM instructor course

January 1996
01 January

AYM instructor programme registration

February 2024
17 - 29 February
12:15 - 17:30

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Training Course in Mysore / Feb 2024 Letzte Plätze!

July 2024
10 - 18 July
10:00 - 14:00

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Training Course in Co. Kerry / Jul 2024

August 2024
18 - 27 August
14:30 - 13:30

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Retreat in Provence / Aug 2024

August 2025
16 - 25 August
14:30 - 13:30

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Retreat In Provence / Aug 2025 Ausverkauft

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How does the training work

  • Therapist courses consist of hands-on practice.
  • The practice is built around the instructor’s demonstrations, repetitions and exchanges between students and feedback.
  • Participants will experience treatments daily, alternating between the roles of masseur and receiver.  This interactive learning allows students to experience the benefits of treatment and correct their mistakes, enabling rapid integration of technical skills.
  • The training also includes a period of post-training practice necessary to master the massage flow.
  • To deliver a complete AYM treatment using hands and feet for deep tissue massage and perform a series of assisted yoga-based stretches, ending with a face massage.
  • How to give a professional session from your treatment room or on a mobile visit (at the client’s home).
  • To place and adjust your body to avoid injury to perform a precise and safe treatment.
  • Indications and contra-indications for each technique.
  • Tons of business advice on building clientele and managing a massage practice based on 25+ years of experience and +18,000 treatments performed by Ananta.
  • Improve your treatment with the highest standard of the AYM method.
  • Review of the previous day’s teaching.
  • Demonstrations of new techniques with time for students to practice and receive.
  • A brief guided meditation at the start of the day and several moments of relaxation in between to help focus and bring a sense of centring allowing the integration of information.
  • Q&A

Following session tests, certificates or diplomas are awarded at the end of the training.

AYM Certified Practitioner (I-IV): Certificate
AYM Therapist Diploma (V): Diploma
AYM Refresher course: Certificate of competency
AYM Advanced Training: Certificate

AYM Instructor Trainee (I-IV): Certificate of participation
AYM Certified Instructor (V): Instructor Certificate
AYM Instructor Diploma (VI): Diploma

MASTERCLASSES: Certificate of competency

The ARYM Institute is IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) Platinum Training Provider.

By subscribing to IICT membership**, our trained therapists and students-in-training qualify for special discounted premiums and extended public liability and indemnity insurance coverage.
** Students of ARYM can benefit from a special 40% on 1st-year IICT membership.
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Insurance coverage is available in 39 countries and covers up to 7 modalities. Learn more

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