Planning your stay in Paris

Travel tips

You are planning to come and practice with the ARYM Institute in Paris. We have created this page to help you, especially of it is your first visit. See among the various topics below:

Accommodation in Paris

Paris have multiple ways to stay for all styles and budgets. The training venue is located in the area between Bastille and Nation landmarks. There are plenty of hotels, hostels, airbnb for rent.

Accommodation at the center (spaces limited)
Many students choose to stay directly at the AEPP center. It is quite convenient and probably the cheapest accommodation option possible for shared room in Paris.
AEPP is Young Hostel, open to international students. We have a deal with AEPP which agreed to rent rooms for the ARYM students, even if they are over the usual age of admission (28 years old max.).

€25 per night/person (if 3 persons minimum/4 max. in shared room)
€35 per night/person (if 2 persons minimum in shared room)
€70 per night/person (in a single room)

To book your room, please contact directly Pedro or Patricia at the AEPP and specifying that you are joining the ARYM training course with Ananta: +33- | Email AEPP

Accommodations around the center:
Hostels starting from 25€ per night. Hotels and Airbnb starting from 45€ per night. Also search on
Meals: Light cooking is possible at the center. Lots of affordable restaurants all around.

Also search on AIRBNB |  Trip Advisor |

French visa

Please apply for Tourist Visa only**.
To get the French Schengen visa, please visit :
Or contact your travel agent.
** Note that we are not giving an invitation letter.

Arriving in Paris

  • By plane

You can arrive in Paris in one of the 3 mains airports:

  • Charles de Gaulle Airport (code: CDG), it is the main international airport / 1-hour trip by RER B + metro
  • Paris-Orly airport (Code: ORY) / 1-hour trip by RER B + metro
  • Aéroport Paris Beauvais Tillé** (Code: BVA) / 2-hour trip by Bus + Metro
  • By bus
    Many bus companies reach Paris from most European countries. Please search online
  • By train
    Paris is reachable by train, including TGV train from most European countries search online

Practical information about ARYM training courses in Paris

Venue address: AEPP, 4 rue Titon, 75011 Paris, France Google Map

Timing of training classes
Consult the website for the hourly schedule for each course. Each day could have a different timing.
Usually we start on Friday 9:00 and finish on Saturday 17:30 (Sunday is off). But some course start on Saturday and finish on Sunday (Wednesday is off). Check the timing of your course

During the training in Paris, ARYM provides you mostly with everything you need: mattresses, bedsheets, lungis (Indian cotton sarongs), towels, blankets, booklet, oil, essential oils, face cream and calamus powder.
Bring your own materials (oils, cream, towels, etc) if you have specific preferences.

Please bring with you:

  • Comfortable clothes (not too tight) to give and receive oil massage. For example cotton trousers, t-shirts, shorts, hair bands, etc.
  • A pair of socks
  • To receive the treatment, you need to wear underwear, stretchable underwear for men is better.
  • If you wear glasses, please bring a protective case for your glasses to avoid breakages.
  • Your own cup for coffee / tea (if possible), otherwise we use disposable paper cups.
  • Meals: You can bring your snack/picnic with you. Light cooking is possible in the center (warm your meals). It is possible to eat in the center refectory or in the beautiful park just next to us. There are many affordable restaurants all around the place of internship.
  • We walk bare foot inside the classroom. We recommend you to bring a pair of flip-flop to access tea-break and toilet areas.

Practical advice at arrival

  • Rest well after your travel. If necessary use earplugs and eye shades to adjust to the new environment.
  • Bring your usual pillow for better sleep.
  • Take care of your belonging especially in metro and public areas. Learn more
  • If you would like to make any suggestion on this advice list please contact us

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are very important for massage therapists since we are working in close proximity to each other. Best practices is to shower before and after the working day. Wash your hands and feet before and after each massage session. Nails need to be short with smooth edges (use a good nail file), but take care not cutting them too short or close from the skin, as it may result sharp pain and bleeding.

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